FDA Ejuice Flavor Comment Survey

Apr 14th 2018

BreezEsmokes has been in the Ejuice production business since 2008 when Ecigs were first introduced in the US.  We understand the value of choosing the right flavor to satisfy your urge to put down tobacco cigarettes.  As many of you know, The FDA is considering a ban on flavors as they fear they are too enticing to youngsters.  That may be true, but adults like flavors too.  Furthermore, many vapors MUST have new and/or a variety of flavors to satisfy their pallets and stay away from cigarettes.  If flavors are important to you.  Please take a minute of your time to participate in the survey linked below.  The FDA is asking for YOUR input.  If you like variety and want to continue to have choices, let the FDA know today.  

FDA Survey